25 March 2017

I've set myself a few mini goals to start with this spring, these goals are small steps to improving my quality of life (without sounding cliche) and I'm putting them in place to make me feel a little bit happier!

I find myself saying "oooh I might try this" when I think about certain things so I turned these into goals. So far, I am finding this super handy and I'm not pressuring myself to stick to it... If in the end, I don't follow up on my new goals. It's not the end of the world! My first one ties in with the theme of this posts pictures and it is wear more colour/new styles of clothing don't get me wrong, I love love looove dressing gothy but I feel better for wearing nice colourful clothing, and I certainly look more ready for the sun (I'm still a pale goth though!).

My next mini goal is to lose a little bit of weight. Now, it's no secret me and my body confidence aren't the best of friends, but with a sunny holiday to Spain in September recently being booked for my mums 50th, I've taken it upon myself to get motivated! I would just like to note that I'm doing this for me.  Another goal of mine is up my blog game! I've already started with this, I had a crap unresponsive layout, and I didn't feel like my blog was very 'me'. I had a lot of old really shitty posts too, so I deleted all the junk and got on with sorting my layout! I love the new look of my blog, and my next step is blog photography (which I'm already working on lots) and my blog header. Onto bigger and better things.

My final mini goal is be more proactive in my social life. It was a sudden realisation to me that I lead quite a solitary life and I'm a bit of a homebody, I know this isn't a problem and I would never bring anyone down for being the same. But I used to be such a sociable person and enjoy getting out and about. I've sort of become a bit lazy with this! So I will meet new friends and I will try and get out more.

Now... lets talk about this outfit. My first step to wearing more colour is going for pastel shades. And this top couldn't be more perfect! It incorporates my love of frills, while taking that little step away from my typical black clothing, or stripes. I had this in mind paired with a black midi skirt and I thought no, try something different. And here we are! Pleated midi skirts are a firm favourite of mine, and with the weather being so bladdy lovely I wore SANDALS... yes, you saw it first! Well, not entirely sandals but open shoes. And my toes didn't freeze off!

Another thing I did completely different was my hair, I rarely venture from just plain straight hair but I'm growing it out and I'm at a length which allows me to play around with styles. So I did some classic plaits, took a strand from each sideburn area and created a bit of a wave with each strand! So simple but new to me.


I would like to thank my amazing sister for these images! I love them very much. We didn't have to edit them or anything, how nice. Go give her a follow @rebeccawalkers 

Do you have any little goals for this year?


  1. gorgeous babe you look stunning and so cute in plaits! loving the outfit :D my goal for this year is to wear more colour, but currently i'm failing but hopefully will try to buy more colour in the spring/summer months! xx

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    2. Thank you lovely! I bet you will look beaut in colourful clothing, although we will be goth gals forever!:) xx

  2. Love your outfit deets! Yes to the first one - although I absolutely adore your style. One of my aims at the moment is to dress differently too! :) x over from

  3. You look gorgeous in these photos girrrrl! Sometimes us black clothing loving gals do better with a bit of colour thrown in there. The whole outfit is beautiful and those shoes are so super cute and would even go with the more goth like outfits for when you're not feeling those pastels! Love!
    Jord xo.

  4. I think we have the same goals! I want to try wearing more colours but still preserve my goth aesthetic. I want to be more sociable too and I want to put on weight (wish we could trade these haha). I love your outfit! The dress is so lovely 😍 xo

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