19 March 2017

Something I've seen popping up on twitter a lot recently is whether certain bloggers are 'relatable',and specifically, a lot of tweets and opinions on whether people want to see designer handbags/belts/other items constantly on blogs and youtube.
I feel influencers have every right to post whatever they want, whether it seems relatable to people, or not. I feel a lot of people like to see highstreet stores and cheaper websites being featured on blogs and youtube, so they can afford to pop out and buy the items they've seen and loved. One thing I try to stick to on my blog... is fashion blogging on a budget!

We all have bills to pay and adulting to do. So I try not to make massive unnecessary purchases, even if it is for my blog! I thought I'd share a few tips on running a fashion blog, for a bit cheaper.

Not all fashion blogging involves buying brand new stuff all the time - I can't stress this enough! I get it people want brand new stuff to show off but it's also great, and cheaper, to style things you already have in your wardrobe!
Shop High Street stores - This may be too obvious, but a lot of shops on high streets these days are so cheap and have started to bring out some amazing pieces! Shops I like to stick to are H&M and Primark, which constantly have ever-changing garments and styles, and both are so cheap!
Scout out sales - Believe it or not, a lot of people don't like browsing sale sections in shops or online as they think it's all rubbish being palmed off for cheap, sometimes it is, but sometimes if you continually keep an eye out and have a good browse properly you can find some absolute steals!
Pay a visit to charity shops - This is also another thing what some people don't like doing, but I personally love it. You can find some gems and you're also doing a good thing purchasing from charities.
Restyle items - There is no harm in showing certain items on fashion blog posts more than once. I see people slating others for doing so. Favourite dress? Why not style it for a casual post AND a night look... why the hell not eh?!

A thing I always stick to is don't feel pressured into buying expensive clothes just because everyone else is. You do you!

The whole outfit I have featured in this post is in fact, purchased from the sales! I actually bought this dress when it first came into H&M, and I got home and it was too small. They didn't stock any bigger size so I just decided that maybe the dress wasn't for me. It then went into the sale and I thought, you know what? I might try it on again. And it fit! It's still a slight bit too small at the top of my arms but I'm getting there. With the debate and encouragement from my colleagues I ended up purchasing it again.

I had trouble choosing how to style this dress for this post. I did consider pairing it with sandals and wavy hair, but the place I had in mind for pictures didn't suit that. I'm feeling victorian sort of vibes from this outfit, especially with the beautiful background!


Unfortunately, the dress isn't in the sale online! I purchased it for £15 in store. The boots were also £7 in the sale as the older season items were put into the sale. 

Thank you to Dominic Gregory for these images!
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What tips do you have for fashion blogging on a budget?


  1. I'm in love with the dress! I fashion blog on a budget myself haha. I don't like to spend on expensive clothing unnecessarily x

  2. I love this post! I completely believe you don't have to spend loads to be a blogger and a good one at that :)

  3. You're so right about Charity shops! I've picket up some absolute gems from there x

  4. Your outfit is sooo cute oh my gosh those boots!! These tips are so great! I love your website name as well:) keep it up babe

  5. Your photos are stunning! I totally agree about bloggers having the right to post what they want, I'm such an advocate for just letting bloggers blog how they want to, it drives me mad! I love the styling, I definitely need that hat!

  6. Ooh I love these photos! They go so well with your surroundings, and I can't believe everything was from the sale.
    I have to admit that I have been falling into the mindset that I'd never make it as a good fashion blogger because I don't have enough money to buy designer clothes all the time, but I guess you can only make do with what you have and have fun with it!

    Lizzie Bee // Hello Lizzie Bee

  7. I love this post! I've been thinking about this kind of thing a lot recently because I'm inbetween jobs so don't have any extra cash to spend on blog-related things and I was feeling kind of down about it before I realised I was being silly.
    You've gave some great tips and I'll have to keep them in mind, especially re-styling items in my wardrobe. Also, I absolutely love those boots! They suit the Victorian vibe perfectly.
    Shannon x

  8. Yeaaaah I think i've decided that you're just my girl crush now. You always look ridiculously gorgeous and I love your photos xx

    Sophie Elizabeth

  9. I love this outfit, you look amazing! Some good tips too, I'm so guilty of just buying stuff and not properly rummaging. It's a shame because I've got some great stuff in the past and get so annoyed when stuff I've bought full price shows up in sales!

  10. Oh I have the same dress and it is so cool and comfy ! I love wearing it with Dr Martens ! =3

    La Robe Noire
    IG : @Saskiabzn
    Saskia! xo