15 February 2017

My job is in fashion retail, and my main hobby is my blog, which is mainly fashion based. I do love how my life almost revolves around fashion. But there is one downside to this, and thats owning too many clothes.
The fashion seasons and trends change and before you know it, you have more clothes then you can manage, so you need to sort them! I thought I'd write about something that all of us will have to do often, fashion blogger or not.

Depending on how much space you have in your room you can either take everything out of your wardrobe, and work from the pile, or as I do, take each item out one by one. When taking each item out of my wardrobe I consider numerous things which are the deciding factors for the fate of  the garment.

Key Points To Consider: 

  • Do I ever wear this? If you don't, set it aside. If you are on the fence consider the next point..
  • Have I worn this in the past 6 months? If yes, keep it! If the answer is no then set it aside.
  • Does it fit? Consider this for every garment, I'm a sucker for saying "oh if I lose weight I might fit in it again" and then hoarding clothes that, lets face it, I probably won't fit in again.
  • Is it in good condition? I always check the condition of each garment I pick up, I won't ever keep anything with holes in (unless they can be fixed) or items that are discoloured or generally worn.
  • Consider occasional wear or garments with sentimental value. Obviously, you aren't going to go to special occasions all the time, so don't worry about if you don't wear these items all the time... they can be kept!
  • If you feel like you can't decide on certain items, ask someone to help! I knew I was keeping items that I was never ever gonna wear but couldn't part with them, so I asked my sister to have a check in my wardrobe for me. And I put everything she said needed to go, on the get rid pile. 
Once you have sorted out what stays and what goes, you will have two piles of clothes. Put the 'keep' pile back into the wardrobe, I like to sort these into type of garment (the order lasts about a day but shhh) and length of garment.

With the pile to get rid of, the next job is to sort these items out on how you are going to get rid of them, the options I consider are, if its good enough to sell on then put it on Depop. You may as well earn some money from anything you can! For items that still have enough love in them to give, donate to a charity shop or if you know a family member that would want it, give it to them. Someone else will more than likely love some preloved items of yours! And lastly, if they're just unsellable, can't be reused and are poor quality, then I take bags of them into my work to donate to the H&M Conscious scheme. Basically, in a nut shell, you take in unwanted bags of clothes and home textiles into your local H&M, to be recycled into other garments, which reduces waste. For every bag you bring in, you get a £5 off voucher to spend in store, which is a bonus!

All the items I put on Depop get stored neatly in a box at the end of my bed, as I don't want stuff filling up the wardrobe I just sorted, right?

Also when it comes to sorting out my shoes, I usually wear any shoes I buy right until they are unwearable. But if I buy any and they go unloved but are still in immaculate condition, I sell them on Depop too!

I hope this post is of any help to you, I do find having a system easier to keep everything organised! How do you sort out your clothes? let me know in the comments!


  1. I love this! I'm exactly the same - I hoard clothes like CRAZY! xx

    mia //

  2. I love that most of your clothes are black, white or grey. That's totally me.

    Zara Effie.

  3. I totally agree with these tips! I personally hoard clothes so much and I always convince myself I need everything x

  4. You've honestly just inspired me to go clean my closet! Thank you love😘

  5. Amazing tips! Im so guilty of hoarding clothes! You've inspired me to give my wardrobe a spring clean (this may take a while!)

  6. I love the H&M Conscious Scheme! I recently had a clear out of the clothes at my house, I didn't realise I had so many clothes... and I still have a large portion at my mums in storage so I know I will have a lot to get rid of!

    Tamsyn Elizabeth
    Peaches and Bear

  7. Such a great read! I recently had a massive clear out of my clothes! X