31 January 2017

Ah January! Everybody's least favourite time of the year, Christmas has just ended and everyones feeling a bit deflated and like they're rolling around after all the food they've consumed. My aim for January was to make the most out of it, and not sit around feeling a bit crap about it all. I wanted at least a few things to look forward to! This is what I did to beat the January blues...

Christmas in retail is over! This isn't exactly what I did as such, but it's something that helped lift my spirits for January. I love my job but everybody knows that working in retail in the run up to Christmas is a horror, but guess what guys? We made it... for another year!

My twin nieces were born. Little Harper Grace and Darcey Mae. I was mainly excited about this because I'm a twin, and having more twins in the family is a treat. I already have a niece and nephew, and I love them so so much. I love that you can cuddle them and play with them and hand them back at the end of the day.

I got tattooed. I finally got a tattoo that I have been after for a long time. My little coffin on my shin! I got it done by Polly at Five Magics tattoo in Sheffield, and I honestly think it's way better than I imagined.

Retail Therapy. Every wage I got I saved money from, so when the January sales came around I was honestly prepared from them. So everything I bought in the sales I was ready for! There is nothing better than having a good splurge after a hard month of serving others at work, who are spending tonnes.

I booked plenty of time off. Sometimes I find that the best time of year to book time off is January, works quiet, so requesting time off is an easy thing. I had ten days off toward the beginning of January, then I was back for a bit, now I'm off for a while (mainly due to my knee operation.. but still.)

Get out more! This ones sort of a result of booking plenty of time off. It's honestly been such a relief to have time to get out and do things with people instead of having to bail because of work. Here's a few things I got up to this month:
- Me and Daniel booked a week off together! This was very much needed as we rarely get time off together. We chilled so much and drank a lot of white russians mm!
- I went to see Black Sabbath. Hoooooooly shit this was amazing. I don't know what I expected when I went to see the rock gods, maybe a few old cronies stood on stage, but they all SMASHED it. Including Ozzy, the love of my life, who ran around and seemed more lively than ever.
- I went to Manchester for the first time! Yep. You heard it here, I'd never been to Manchester apart from the airport so it was loads of fun. Me and Dan just wandered round and explored, went to Reds BBQ and visited Afflecks too.

I honestly really enjoyed January, 
it was a good month and a well deserved break with my friends and family. 
What did you get up to in January?



  1. I love the photos in this post! You're so gorgeous and have the most amazing style!
    Sounds like you've had a pretty great January, mine hasn't been so good but I'm definitely not sulking about it, trying my best to make the best of things!

  2. Omg Kimberly these photos kick ass!! You look incredible 😍😍 and I loved reading all about what you got up to this month and hope that February is just as good for you ✌🏻🖤
    Robyn x

  3. I love the photos!! Sounds like you've had a great month❤️ I've spent it trying to focus on my blog and focusing on me a bit more 🙈 X


  4. Love your style. Great post too. I struggled with insomnia in Jan, but have finally conquered it, so yay for Feb :-)

    Ally x

  5. I love this outfit 😍 the jacket and bell sleeve top is to die for!

    Skinny Decxf Latte xo

  6. Congrats on the twin nieces, how lovely! So glad you have beat the Jan blues. I feel like I'm still stuck in January haha!