1 October 2016

Lush Events are something I'm not yet familiar with, but seeing that this Christmas one was happening in my local Lush I had to go! The Christmas Event was held on September 30th, a little early for Christmas, but never too early to get the amazing products Lush bring out for it!

The Lush Event was pretty much about showcasing all the Christmas products they will have on offer this year. It involved testing products, staff showing us how all the bath bombs looked, food and drinks.. and lots of laughs! Christmas music was playing, the festive scent of all the Christmas soaps lingered through the air, and we had mince pies and candy canes! Could we get any more festive?! One thing I did notice was how very eager people were to get their hands on the Christmas goodies, every basket was full!

The product I was most excited about was the Snow Fairy body conditioner... but I didn't end up buying it! I was so excited about all the products I haven't yet tried. 
So I decided Snow Fairy could wait.

Lush's Christmas products vary from Bubble Bars, Bath Bombs, Soaps, Fun Soap, Wands, Shower Jellies, Lip Scrubs, Shampoo Bars,Facial Cleansers.. to Cosmetics! I have probably missed something out but there was so many amazing products to look at.

(Uh Oh! The Father Christmas box was emptied!)

The products I bought are the Twilight bath bomb, Snowie bubble bar (my favourite!), Shoot For The Stars bath bomb, Northern Lights bath bomb, So White bath bomb and The Magic of Christmas wand! I haven't got images for these as I'm going to do a follow up post reviewing all of the beauties. I wanted to spend more but I spent a lot on the Halloween products.


I must say I really, really enjoyed going to this Event. Lush have given 100% with the range of Christmas products they have in store this year. There is something for everyone of all ages. The staff were so very friendly and helpful, even when asking if I was okay to take images for my blog they were happy enough with me doing so! I cannot wait to use my products and tell you guys about them all.

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