25 October 2016

A make up tutorial style post is something I've never done before, but lately I've been investing more time and money into my make up and it's something I've really been enjoying.
A palette that seems to have taken the internet by storm is the Urban Decay 'Ultimate Basics' palette, which features twelve new matte shades in it. It also has something called a 'demi-matte' shade (Blow) which is good for highlighting areas around the eye too. Retailing at £38.50 some people won't opt for this palette... but trust me. It's amazing.

With Autumnal looks also taking the internet by storm I thought I'd try my hand at creating my own! Here is how I created this look, the only tool I used is the brush that comes with the palette. I also apologise for not taking step by step photographs of creating this look, I got so into doing it that I forgot!

Step 1, cover whole eyelid in the shade 'Nude' using the bigger end of the brush. 
Step 2, with the same end apply 'Tempted' into the crease, all the way across, using wind screen wiper motions. 
Step 3, apply 'faith' into the crease, only half way across the crease, using circular motions.
Step 4, using the shade 'Lockout' apply it to the outer corner of the lid in a small triangular shape, then blend it out. 
Step 5, apply 'Extra Bitter' all over the outer corner and the crease with the bigger end of the brush. I use wind screen wiper and circular motions while doing this.

Doing all of these steps should result in 'Nude' still being visible along the lash line/part of the eyelid. 

Step 6, where 'Nude' is still present, using the small end of the brush apply 'Pre Game' in this area, using patting/dabbing motions. 
Step 7, apply 'Faith' on the lower lash line with the small end, blend it a little with the big end, then repeat again with 'Extra Bitter'.
Step 8, apply the highlighting shade 'Blow' to the corner of the eyes, and the brow bone. 
Step 9, apply eyeliner if desired, and mascara.
Step 10, use setting spray to ensure it stays in place all day!

And there you go! This is my go-to make up now, sometimes I don't use eyeliner though. And the steps are so easy that you can repeat them but mix up the shades, I have also done this with mainly the top row of colours instead. Here is some of the other products I used for this look too... (yep! that is a £2.99 amazing eyeliner!)

Thank you for looking!


  1. I love this look, it is totally the sort of thing i go for with my daily makeup. My goal is to one day own a palette just like this too haha! Great post as always lovely :) <3


    1. Thank you! This has become my daily make up too apart from the eyeliner! It's so amazing xx